We are a synthesis of renaissance style entertainment and costume extras. Our goal is to enhance the fair going experience without breaking the bank by providing a family friendly puppet show and a vendor’s hand cart stocked with affordable accessories.


Scholar Prescription Eyeglasses

We developed these eye glass frames over 2 years with help from a local optometrist. These are period style lightweight wooden frames with leather temple pieces. To insure a proper fit we make 5 different length temple pieces. No worries If you have a unique fitting we will custom make a set of temples just for you. All prescription quality frames can be fitted with non prescription tinted lenses. After purchasing the frames, we will send an email with a contact email so you can send your prescription to the optometrist and his lab will fit the lenses. Then we priority mail them to you when completed. Visit our eBay store to purchase your pair of prescription eyeglasses.

Buccaneer Sunglasses

 These were created because there should be wooden frame period sunglasses that are affordable. While not designed to hold a prescription lens they do hold a round, UV protected sunglass lens perfectly. The lenses are purchased in bulk and trimmed to fit the frames. We use thread to hold the lens in the frame and a redesign of the temple pieces completes the buccaneer style of sunglasses. Visit our eBay store to purchase your pair of sunglasses.

Hats and Costumes

If you are looking for hats with a difference, this is the place to shop! Our hats are fun , colorful and best of all, adjustable! We try our best to make sure that they are well made and meet all of your expectations! Whether you are looking for an obscure color or pattern, we will do our best to accommodate. We also make  cloaks for those cold or rainy fairs. They are made of woven wool and look very period appropriate! Please use the form below to contact us or visit our eBay store for ready made items.

Custom Pattern Cutting

We have a 100 watt Co2 laser with a 36″ x 48″ in cutting area. The laser can cut fairly large pieces of fabric and leather up to  .25″ thick. Just create your pattern in a drawing program full sized. Save it as a .PDF and email it to us. We will check to make sure your files opens up and do a test cut on paper. When everything checks out send me your material or we can provide material and we will cut it out and send it to you for a small fee of course. Please use the contact form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

Puppet Show

If you have any questions about the puppet show or you would like the Puppet show to be at your fair or special event please use the form below to contact us. Thank you.